Antler: Gothic Bonsai

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handmade antler flower carvingGothic novels abound with images of tree branches clutching at a person’s clothes and roots tripping a person, usually during a ‘dark and stormy night’. I wondered what such a gothic tree would look like if trained into a bonsai. The branches of this tree end in skeletal fingers, with the 213 leaves protruding from the joints. The motif is extended to the roots which each end in carpal bones that clutch at the base. The whole piece is skewed as if grown in a region with frequent winds from one direction. The tree is carved from deer, moose and elk antler and is rooted in a base of yellow cedar.

Bonsai have always been popular with gardeners and plant enthusiasts. In Victorian times, a carved bonsai is the kind of artwork that would be collected by a gentleman for display in his study, office or library.

This is an excellent example of handmade antler art made by INAKA. This contemporary design handcrafted antler flower carving would be an asset to any home. High quality custom designed handcrafted antler sculpture is a reflection of the owner as well as of the artist.

46cm W x 28cm D x 55cm H
18”W x 11”D x 21.5”H
Price: $1500


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