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Antler: Walking Stick

purple, style, cane, nannyberryWalking sticks used to be a common accoutrement for people when they went out. Of course, people walked more often. Now, walking sticks seem to be reserved for hikers and are either high tech or very rustic and masculine.

This walking stick is designed for a woman who does not want to have to compromise her style. A single large rose is carved from a moose antler and mounted on a polished stick of Nannyberry. The antler has a natural purplish color that is complimented by a purplish stain on the wood. The end piece has detachable rubber and pointed brass tips. The wooden part can be shortened if desired to cane length.


4cm diameter x 9cmH
1.5”diameter x 3.5”H
length: 48” (122cm) or less
Price: $120


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