Les tabourets

grade 5/6, step stoolToday we were in our community at Rossburn Elementary School. We built a stool (un tabouret) with each of the grade 5/6 French students. We chose this class as we are both trying to improve our French.

These projects involve a lot of time and extra help is always appreciated. Fortunately, the grade 7/8 French class volunteered to assist us. They played games (in French) with half the students while the other half assembled their stools.

l'épicéa, step-stoolThe stools can also be used as a step-stool and were made from white spruce. White spruce (l’épicéa) is the official tree of the province of Manitoba. The top was textured both for interest and to provide a non-slip area.



It’s fun to work with students as they are always enthusiastic–even before they know they will receive a loot bag! The local office of Louisiana-Pacific provided us with tape measures, lip balm and balloons. Pencils were provided by the Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve.

We had an enjoyable and productive day building a useful item, speaking French and having fun–just another great day in the Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve where we live, work and play!



The Rubaiyat

The design of this solid white oak chess table was inspired by Omar Khayyam’s The Rubaiyat. From this poem, two sides of the table edge are engraved in fold with the lines:

’tis all a chequer-board of nights and days where destiny with men for pieces plays:
hither and thither moves, and mates and slays, and one by one back in the closet lays.

omar khayyam, oak, stools, antler

Each of the four openwork pillars contains a branch that is double gold-leafed. The sides are lightened by catenary arches distinctive of Moghul architecture and refer back to the shape of the pillars. To complete the vignette are two stools that tuck under the table when not in use. The stools can also be used as side tables, but are sturdy enough to stand upon and declare your victory!

chessomar khayyamThe table dissembles into three pieces for ease of shipping. Included are the chess pieces and box (see  Antler: The Rubaiyat).


This is an excellent example of Handcrafted studio wooden furniture made by INAKA. This unique handmade wooden chess table with its matching pieces would be an outstanding highlight in any room and an asset to any home. High quality custom designed handmade wood furniture is a reflection of the owner as well as of the artist.


table: 76cm W x 76cm D x 76cm H; 30”W x 30”D x 30”H
stools: 36cm x 36cm x 46cm H; 14” x 14” x 18”H