Metal: Cool or Hot?

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metal base angledOur metal division produces a wide variety of pieces that would be unfeasible to list. Although the division makes our metal table bases and art pieces for our furniture and accessories, the main business is contract work and prototyping.


metal offcuts, steel

aluminum, brass, knurledWhatever comes through the door that needs to be drilled, milled, turned, tapped, lathed or welded can be done.

We specialize in quick turn-arounds, one-offs and small runs–basically the jobs the big companies don’t want. The CNC (computer numerical controlled) lathe expands the kind of work that can be accomplished as all the programming is done in house.


aluminum, brass

This truck stick shifter shows great design and detail.


prototyping, brass, copper, sterling silver plateI can envision different metals as a piece of interior magic for residential or commercial applications. Metal has a wide variety of visual qualities and can juxtapose with country or traditional setting, making other materials around them look better. From an artistic standpoint, metal mixed with some of our wood furniture gives a well balanced look.


Metal can contrast and compliment wood and stone, give an industrial quality and be used in unexpected ways. There are different colors and textures, giving depth and a subtle reflection of light. Unfortunately, I find it extremely hard to photograph to show off these qualities!

lathe, mill, tap, weld, drillThe Art Deco period used a lot of metals, even for chess pieces. Metal can be used in a variety of ways in interior applications, only limited by our imagination and yours!

I believe one needs an internal mechanical sense to be a great machinist. Add to that imagination, discipline, perseverance and dedication. And above all, honesty. We guarantee your piece will meet specs from engineered drawings and if we design it, we guarantee it won’t fail.

Our  metal division is located in the City of Winnipeg. If you have any questions about metal, please email us from the Contact Us page.

Once contracted, you will be dealing directly with the person actually making your piece so there are no misunderstandings.

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