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Nuts & Roots & Seeds & Shoots

fine-art-antler-carving-nuts-roots-seeds-shootsThis montage style piece explores the concept of the garden and orchard. We are led to believe that these are places of peace and tranquility. To reflect this, the piece contains representations of walnuts, almonds, acorns, pistachios, peanuts, Manitoba maple seeds, strawberries, peas, asparagus, green onions, carrots and soybeans as well as numerous leaves. However, as every biologist, gardener and tree grower knows, the natural world is a battleground between the plants and the things that want to eat the plants. To this end, if you look closely, you’ll notice a number of creepy crawlies nestled in among the plant matter. Some you’ll recognize, like the caterpillars, nut, worms and snail. Others are less known, like the almond beetle, the land scallop, the asparagus ant lion, a peanut caterpillar, the onion lasso worm and the rarely seen predatory parsnip.

This piece is made from many, many pieces of elk, moose and deer antler as well as a few tagua nuts. The walnut, one almond and the soybeans with snail are removable for handling. The realistic renderings are interspersed with abstract shapes reminiscent of plants or plant parts. The various pieces are displayed on a backdrop of carved moose antlers and mounted on a base of Manitoba Maple.

51 cm W x 38 cm H x 18 cm D
20″W x 15″H x 7″D

Beardless Iris

fine-art-antler-carving-beardless-irisThis type of iris plant in full bloom is called beardless because the styles of the flower lie flat upon the petals as opposed to the more common type of iris where the styles are more filamentous, or bearded. 

The iris flower is one of the more complicated to carve because of the many pieces it is composed of and the curved flowing nature of its parts. The leaves are relatively simple, but a lot of leaves are required to make the sculpture look realistic. So, this piece required considerably more work than anticipated at the beginning. Nonetheless, the sinuous curves of the stems and leaves blend into one another such that, in some lighting situations, the sculpture almost looks abstract.

With the right lighting, the piece becomes almost abstract.

With the right lighting, the piece becomes almost abstract.

Two flowering stems with auxiliary buds rise from a mass of leaves mounted on a birch base. The flowers and leaves are carved from deer, moose and elk antler.

38 cm  H x  24 cm  W x 21 cm D
14″H x  9“W x  8″D

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custom handmade antler art sculptureA trait that I have often used in my carving is the capture of movement. It is a difficult concept because, by its nature, if captured, the movement ceases. Consequently, I have to provide nuances and clues that direct the viewer to perceive movement where it doesn’t actually exist. One such clue is the use of curves.

This piece attempts to depict a beehive, but not in the traditional sense. It shows the movement of bees continually buzzing around a hive. Many of the trajectories intersect showing the interrelation of the sister bees in a hive.

The antithesis of relaxing, the movement is such that it should lead a viewer to think, “I know there is something I should be doing right now.”

The movement vectors are carved and hand polished from deer and elk antler. The support is chokecherry wood resting on a Manitoba Maple base.

41cm W x 29cm D x 61cm H
16″W x 11″D x 24″H

Antler: The Rubaiyat

handmade antler carvinghandmade antler carvinghandmade antler carvingcustom designed wood boxThe chess pieces’ East Indian theme complements the Persian-inspired table (see Wood: The Rubaiyat).The individuals are carved from elk antler and are unique in that each has its own face, expression, and raiment. The sculptured characters are based upon pictures of Indian royalty, soldiers, viziers, peasants, shopkeepers, thieves and shepherds from various times. The rooks resemble the corner towers of the Taj Mahal.

The black team has been colored with a water-based aniline dye before finishing. The black queen has faceted garnet eyes and all the rest of the pieces (black and white) gaze through Swarovski crystal eyes. Each piece has a magnet placed in its bottom so that it is attracted to the magnets in their storage box and is also felt cushioned. An octagonal white oak box stores the pieces in case you wish to use the table to play checkers or cards instead.


kings: 18cm H; 7”H
pawns: 8cm H; 3”H
box: 29cm x 29cm x 23cm H; 11.75” x 11.75” x 9”H


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Antler: Hermit Crab

handmade antler animal carvingThe hermit crab is a shy retiring creature that lives in a mobile home. Although it looks fiercely armed, its claws are for feeding and defense. When threatened, it withdraws into its shell home and the claws block the entrance. The inspiration for this piece came from observing hermit crabs on a coral island in Belize where they were the main animal inhabitant.

The hermit crab is fully at home on land or water. I watched one climb a palm tree and another crawl along the beach. While snorkeling, I studied one walking along the ocean bottom. When submerged, the hermit crab adjusts the air inside its shell to provide just enough buoyancy. On land, it is highly adaptable and makes use of whatever is around.

The hermit crab is made from a single piece of moose antler. It has faceted eyes and the antennae are nylon.

This is an excellent example of handmade antler art made by INAKA. This contemporary design handcrafted antler animal carving would be an asset to any home. High quality custom designed handcrafted antler sculpture is a reflection of the owner as well as of the artist.

14cm L x 6cm W x 6cm H
5.5”L x 2.5”W x 2.5”H


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