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Wood: Drum Table

custom designed birchbark furnitureThis table explores the medium of birch bark. I harvest the bark myself from trees already logged. The care with which it must be acquired and processed makes it as valuable as full-grain leather. I used almost 3 square meters (30 sq.ft.) in this piece.

Birch bark is a material that has been used by people on several continents since prehistoric times.

A form able to exploit the possibilities of the bark led to the simple drum shape. “Drum” is an architectural term referring to one of the cylindrical building blocks of a column. The six 3-D tessellations give the optical illusion of building blocks. Almost 400 birch bark parallelograms were formed into hexagons which appear as cubes to achieve the effect. Dyed birch bark makes up the background and top of the table with the bark tessellations left their natural color.

The table would be stunning in an entry or as a display table for another piece of artwork. Or stack books on it in a library. As with most of my pieces, they are flexible in their functions.

This is an excellent example of handcrafted studio wooden furniture made by INAKA. This unique contemporary handmade wooden table would be an asset to any home. High quality custom designed handmade wood furniture is a reflection of the owner as well as of the artist.

61cm diameter x 76cm H
24”diameter x 30”H
Price: $475


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