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Ivy-covered Box

fine art antler carving, ivy-coveredThis box is made from a single piece of aged elk antler that has been sliced lengthwise, then hollowed out. The use of older elk antler allows for lines and cracks to show in the antler without reducing its strength and integrity. Because they come from a single piece, the top and bottom match so they fit together perfectly. The inside of the box is finished with beeswax giving it a honey-scented interior.

fine art antler carving, ivy-covered, vinesThe exterior of the box is adorned with ivy vines and leaves. 31 leaves and numerous vines run the length of the top and along the front of the bottom. Vines from both halves overlap the other half disguising the separation of top and bottom. Care was taken to select antler of the same yellowish color for carving the leaves.

18cm W x 7cm D x 9cm H
7”W x 3”D x 3.5”H
Price: $100

Antler: Rattlesnake

handmade antler animal carvingThe snake sits sunning itself in a quiet spot. You move and make a ground vibration or a sound, but the only movement from the snake is a flick of its tongue to taste the surroundings. Another sound and the snake becomes more aroused. Its muscles tense but it still does not move. Another sound and its head rises from its coils—friend, food or foe, you are now the focus of the snake’s attention, like it or not. This netsuke-sized piece is made from elk antler with Swarovski crystal eyes. The rattle on the tail moves.

This is an excellent example of handcrafted antler art made by INAKA. This classic design handmade antler animal carving would be an asset to any home. High quality custom designed handmade antler sculpture is a reflection of the owner as well as of the artist.

6.5 cm x 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm
2.5” x 2.5” x 2.5”
Price: $250


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