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Table en cuir et cuivre

copper-tableThis interesting little side table could be used in your living room, entry, hall or bedroom. The top is covered in top grain leather (cuir) and the base is a beautiful acid-etched copper (cuivre) laminate. The T-shaped base is very sturdy. Manitoba bur oak protects the edges of the base and makes for both a functional and funky table.

57cm (22.625”) diameter x 55cm H (21.5”)

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Lobster: articulated

Homarus americanus, animal carvingI saw several articulated lobsters while visiting Japan. They varied in size and in the material they were created from: brass, steel, ivory, wood, etc. They were all amazing and extremely expensive. Most of the ones I saw were in the high end antique stores, usually behind glass so one could not touch them. Obviously, they were highly prized, so I decided to create one myself. Naturally, my starting place was a real lobster and I endeavored to make my lobster as lifelike as possible, using drawings and measurements to ensure that all pieces were correctly proportional and attached to each other in the correct manner.

lobster articulated

This exceptionally lifelike piece is made from elk and moose antler. Including the wires and brass pins it is made of over 200 pieces. All joints move, hence the term articulated, including the antennae, the feeding arms, all joints of all eight legs, the large claws and each segment of the abdomen and of the tail section. The legs are attached to the body in a manner that supports the body in a position approximating a live lobster. All hinges are facilitated by brass pins. The eyes are facetted Swarovski black crystal. The piece mounts on a bur oak base that has support pieces for the body and claws.

monumental, exquisite lobster articulated

One critic stated that “this piece is both monumental and exquisite.”
Price: $7200

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Wood: Boomerang Table

custom designed handmade contemporary wood tableImagine if trees could write their memoirs: the weather, the people, the things they saw. Imagine the stories if this tree could explain how it grew in such a distinctive U-shape.

The tree this piece came from was destined to be destroyed to widen an existing road. I heard about it and went to look at it.

Manitoba bur oak is an extremely dense wood, especially heavy when still green. We cut a 1.2 meter (4 foot) length from its trunk, but Reg and I could not even lever it onto the trailer. We had to go and find someone with a front end loader to lift it into the trailer so we could transport it to my sawyer to be cut.

At home, I did some calculations and determined the piece weighed over 272 kg (600 pounds)! I am happy to report that the table, although still quite heavy, can now be taken apart and moved by one person.

This is an excellent example of handcrafted furniture made by INAKA. This unique contemporary handmade wood table would be an asset to any home. High quality custom designed handmade wood furniture is a reflection of the owner as well as of the artist.

91.5cm L x 50cm W x 40cm H
36”L x 20”W x 16”H
Price: $475


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