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Spa Furniture and Artwork

Whether it’s an occasional table for your home or numerous wood furnishings and artwork for a new spa in Winnipeg, Manitoba, our pieces remain:
-unique in design
-singular in execution

These photos are from a dream commission. We were given the freedom to come up with the designs based on the company’s needs, wants and budget.

natural branch, chandelier

A specific branch had to be found to conform to the 9 hanging light fixtures.

Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature officially opened January 15, 2015. Everything from the restaurant tables to the artwork in the changing rooms was made of local wood using local talent.

Honored to be given the chance to design and make over 100 pieces for the spa, we hope you enjoy our creations as much as you enjoy the spa!

Ever mindful of the 3 pillars of sustainable development, we created a built environment that is:
-socially responsible
-environmentally responsible
-economically responsible

INAKA CUSTOM FURNITURE AND ART can help you achieve LEED credits and make your vision a reality.

Merci pour cette belle opportunité de mettre en valeur notre spa en démontrant les magnifiques œuvres que vous avez créées.

restaurant tables, Manitoba oak

The restaurant tables of Manitoba oak were finished in 2 colors. The variety of colors in the artwork add warmth and interest to the space.








elm, Winnipeg, fireplace

Cozy up to the fireplace beside a stunning pair of elm tables. Elm is the unofficial tree of the City of Winnipeg.









birchbark, old siding

We used birchbark in the wall features and old siding for some tables to make waiting for your massage more interesting.









birchbark, natural edge mirror

We use the language of visual expression–color, texture, composition–to create items that are unique in design and singular in execution.








poplar, flower vase

We have an interconnectedness and interdependency on the natural world. Items made of wood can represent and express that, even in the change rooms!