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Marketing, Sharmarketing

Marketing is always a challenge whether you are a big company or not. Therefore, at the end of 2017, we have decided to move to the deep web. Don’t get this mixed up with the dark web, that part of the worldwide web that is only accessible by special software and where all the criminal activity takes place, causing formidable challenges for law enforcement agencies around the world.

The deep web is totally legal, it’s just not discoverable by means of standard search engines, we have to give you the website.

Why would we move to the deep web? We have a NICHE MARKET–A LOCAL DEMOGRAPHIC. Having had a website for six years, we have found that perhaps it’s not the best way for us to market.

We have never allowed comments on this website, but we still receive countless emails from people who say they love our work. It is very flattering to have people favorably comment but since we only produce a small number of pieces per year, and a lot of our work is by commission, we seem to be spending more and more time answering fan mail!

Also, we don’t tweet, we don’t link, we don’t like, we don’t follow. Nobody could tell us the advantage of joining any social media. So, think of us as the web equivalent of a “by appointment only” business–as in serious inquiries only.

Our goal is to create pieces that blur the line between utility and art using native woods and antler.

If you would like to continue viewing our work after we shut down the website at the end of 2017, simply go to Contact Us and send us an email. We thank you in advance for this opportunity.